Experience Title
American Horror Story Stunts Mark Vanselow
Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Stunts Tanner Gill & David Wald
Bright Stunts Scott Rogers
The Last Tycoon Stunts David Rowden
Preacher Stunt Double: Tom Brooke / Stunts John Koyama
Fear The Walking Dead Stunt Double: Frank Dillane / Stunts James Armstrong
La La Land (Promo) Stunts Mark Kubr
Grimm Stunts Matt Taylor
Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, & Dawn Stunts Karin Silvestri
Let Me Love You (Music Video) Stunt Double Ryan Sturz
I'm Dying Up Here Stunt Double: Adam Newman Wade Allen
Freakish Stunts Dorenda Moore
Heartbeat Stunts Keith Campbell
Criminal Minds Stunt Double: Chris Amitrano / Stunts Tom Elliott
Fear The Walking Dead Stunts Mark Norby
Stitchers Stunt Double: Johnny Rey Diaz Andy Cheng
Superstore Stunts Al Jones
Cold Cold Man (Music Video) Stunt Double: AJ Jackson Rich King
Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D Stunt Double: Chad Lindberg Tanner Gill & Rob King
Conan Stunts Tony Angelotti
Cloud Rider (Music Video) Stunt Double: Erik Gersovitz G. Grant Jewett
Juveniles Stunt Double: Nick Eversman Luke LaFontaine
Cougar Town Stunt Double: Robert Clendenin Brian Avery
Big Bang Theory (Promo) Stunt Double: Jim Parsons Eddie Braun
The Night Before Stunt Double: Colin Egglesfield Eric Sweeney
Opus Of An Angel Stunt Double: William McNamara Robair Sims
Houdini Stunt Double: Adrien Brody Mary Albee
Mercenaries Stunts Sean “Speedy” Christopher
Brooklyn Nine-Nine Stunts Norman Howell
Parenthood Stunt Double: Tyson Ritter Marc Scizak
Legit Stunt Double: DJ Qualls Mark Kubr
Transcendence Stunt Double: Sam Quinn Wade Allen & Darrin Prescott
Longmire Stunt Doubles Chris Howell
Sector 4 Stunts Koby Azarly
Bullet Stunt Double: Torsten Voges / Stunts Jerry Buxbaum
The Saint Stunt Double: Enrique Murciano JJ Perry
American Horror Story Stunts Tim Davison
Skechers (Commercial) Stunts Ian Eyre
Clean Ops Stunts Robair Sims
Widow Detective Stunts Norman Howell
Vitamin Water (Commercial) Stunt Double: Sergio Flores Danny Wayne
Touch Stunts Norman Howell
Valiant (Short) Stunt Double: Gil Darnell Ian Eyre
The Five-Year Engagement Stunt Double: Rhys Ifans Jeff Dashnaw
CSI: NY Stunts Norman Howell
Lao Hu Dou Yao Jia Stunt Boat Driver Red Horton
Zhuang Yuan 360 Stunts / Camera Driver Red Horton
Scuba Diving - PADI (AOW)
Skydiving - USPA A License
Stunt Driving - Drivers East Level 1
Rally Driving - Team O'Neil 5-Day (FWD/RWD/AWD)
Motorcycle License
Freerunning & Parkour
High Falls
Fire Burns
Keep It Tight (Commercial) Stunt Rigger Pat Romano / Nike
Lip Sync Battle Stunt Rigger Pat Romano / Spike
Big Brother Rigger Matt Reese / CBS
Battle Of The Network Stars Rigger ESPN2
The Challenge Stunt Rigger JJ Getskow / MTV
PewDiePie Stunt Rigger Kevin Wakashige / YubeTube Red
American Grit 2 Stunt Rigger Kevin Wakashige / FOX
The Late Late Show w/ James Corden Lead Stunt Rigger CBS
Rings 3 Stunt Rigger Kyle Weishaar / Paramount
Super Human Lead Stunt Rigger FOX
Ultimate Beastmaster Rigger Robert Hayes / Netflix
American Grit Rigger Walter Larkin / FOX
Maximum Ride Stunt Rigger Steve Stone / Koby Azarly / Studio 71
Team Ninja Warrior Rigger JJ Getskow / NBC
Spartan Race Rigger JJ Getskow / NBC
Strong Rigger Robert Hayes / NBC
Ellen DeGeneres Show Rigger JJ Getskow / NBC
Biggest Loser Stunt Rigger JJ Getskow / NBC
Ninja Bahrain Rigger Robert Hayes
Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne Rigger JJ GetskowJJ Getskow / A&E
Big Brother Rigger Robert Hayes / CBS
The Amazing Race Stunt Rigger JJ Getskow / CBS
American Ninja Warrior Rigger JJ Getskow / NBC
Frankie Go Boom Stunt Rigger Lou Simon / Koby Azarly / Defender Films
Just A Dream (Music Video) Stunt Rigger Mark Riccardi / Koby Azarly / Universal Republic
Strike Force (Live) Lead Stunt Rigger Mirage Entertainment
Countdown (Live) Lead Stunt Rigger Mirage Entertainment
Media Title
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Stunt Reel 2018

Let Me Love You
- Foot Chase Double -

Cold Cold Man
- AJ Jackson Double -

Conan Robot Sex Pioneers
- Roller Skates & Slide -

Preacher Sundowner Fight
- Fiore Double -

Preacher Church Fight
- Fiore Double -

Skechers Relaxed Fit
- Mugger -

Stunt Reel 2010

Design Title
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About Bryant Title
3/4 Body Shot

My stunt career began with small projects on the East coast, while still in school. The first opportunities arose through my experience with parkour and freerunning, at a time when very few people even knew what those activities were. As soon as I finished my degrees, I decided to turn my love for stunts into a full time obsession, with a move to China. While performing for two years in China, I was fortunate enough to work and train with stunt professionals from around the world to build experience and new skill sets.

After two years over seas, it was time to make the move to Los Angeles, to take my career to the next level. The transition back to the US provided the opportunity to combine my experience with my education, and begin to explore the world of stunt design. At present, I am privileged to work and train with some amazing people. My passion for stunt work has grown, and I strive to learn more on a daily basis. As I continue to perform stunts, I hope to further my involvement in stunt design by exploring new technologies and applications to promote more innovative and safer gags.

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Los Angeles Local
Valid Passport
Virginia Tech M.S. Mechanical Engineering
Virginia Tech B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Magna cum Laude
Roanoke College B.S. Physics & Mathematics
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Heidi Hydar | KMR | Stunt & Sports